5 Best Mexican Restaurants to Try Near Your Houston Home

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If you’re in the mood for Mexican, either to eat out or bring back to your Houston home, our city has an amazing number of choices.  We’ve rounded up a sampling of great places, from small family-run cafes using recipes passed down through generations, to up-scale restaurants with exciting fusion cuisine.  

Luna y Sol Mexican Grill is best known for their street tacos and delicious corn tortillas.  Choose from 11 different types. Their chicharron (pork belly) won the Tacolandia award in 2016.  Get the asado--pork with asada sauce or the mole--chicken with mole sauce. The papa con queso (potatoes with cheese) is a great choice for vegetarians.  The margaritas are also amazing and hand-crafted.

For an amazingly varied menu, head to Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe.  There are three locations, so there’s sure to be one convenient to any Houston home.  The fajitas are meaty and rich and a local favorite. If you come in with a date, try one of the parrilladas.  These platters come with a mix of several meats or seafood, served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, and homemade tortillas.  Relax at happy hour with a margarita or two.

Take a Tour of the Flavors of Mexico Offered on Houston Real Estate

Xochi offers the tastes of Oaxaca, cooked to perfection with delicious new interpretations from Chef Hugo Ortega.  This is not your stereotypical Mexican restaurant, so come prepared for an adventure. Try the sopa de piedra--a traditional soup recipe made with fish and shrimp and heated with river rocks.  For a plate of pure indulgence, try cordoniz--quail stuffed chorizo Istmeno, mole de higos, and pan del elote, then wrapped in bacon.

Head to Tacos la Bala when you have a craving for meat.  Opt for tacos or a torta to get the best of their tender meat.  The barbacoa will melt in your mouth. The chicharron tacos are a signature item on the menu, too.  Rather than being crispy, the chicharron is simmered for hours until it’s falling apart. You can also stop in for breakfast from 8 to 11 a.m.  If you’re thirsty, have a glass of one of the aguas frescas--horchata, tamarindo, or limon y jamaica. Or relax with a beer. Corona or Modelo Negro go great with tacos.  There are five Tacos la Bala locations throughout Houston.

Tortas are the classic Mexican sandwich, and for the best in the city, go to Las Tortugas-Tortas Perronas.  Be sure to come hungry, because the tortas are as big as your head! There are simple ones, with just chicken, cheese, and avocado.  Take things up a notch with a Borracha, which has skirt steak, ham, and melted cheese. The cubana is the thing to order for anyone with a big appetite or to share.  It’s stacked with ham, cheese, pork, skirt steak, hot dogs, egg, chorizo, and melted cheese. The aguas frescas are super refreshing, especially the watermelon.

These are just a few of the many amazing Mexican restaurants on Houston real estate.  You can try a new one every week for date night or meeting up with friends.