7 Best Dog Parks Near Houston Homes

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Great parks are one of many things to love about Houston homes.  There are trails, playgrounds, and sports fields. Most parks have picnic tables and shade canopies for a quiet meal.  The four-footed members of the household aren’t left out, either. Houston has many great dog parks, and we’ve picked out our top 7.

1. Levy Park Dog Park, 3891 Eastside Street.  Large and small dogs have their own sections in Levy’s dog park.  Each section has lots of tennis balls, as well as small grass hills for dogs to climb and run.  Water features spray the dogs to keep them cool and give them a drink. To ensure security, there is a double gate.

2. Ervan Chew Park, 4502 Dunlavy Street.  Gravel-covered, with lots of shade trees, the park offers around 9,000 square feet of space for dogs to romp and play.  There are not separate areas for large and small dogs, but there is a water fountain and double gate.

3. Market Square Park, 301 Milam Street.  This downtown park offers two dog runs, one for larger and one for smaller dogs.  Dogs cool off in the water features and get a drink in special doggie water fountains.  Humans relax on the benches or walk on the crescent walkway.

Let Your Dog Run Free on Houston Real Estate at a Dog Park

4. Maxey Park, 601 Maxey Road.  Dogs will have plenty of room to roam in the 12 acres of parkland set aside just for them.  Large and small dogs each have their own area. These have doggie water fountains and showers and a spot to dispose of waste.  People relax on the benches or play with their dogs. This is a great place to bring dogs so they can explore Houston real estate.   

5. Danny Jackson Dog Park, 4828 1/2 Loop Central Drive.  There are two dog runs, for large and small dogs.  Both have dog ponds for swimming, as well as places to wash the canines off after they swim and run around.  Be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty! There are benches, and they can get a bit messy from muddy dog paws.  Shade canopies provide relief from the sun. A large picnic area is adjacent to the dog runs, so bring along a picnic to enjoy, too.   

6. Tom Bass Regional Park, 3452 Fellows Road.  This regional park has something for everyone, from shaded playgrounds to a golf course and a dog park.  The dog park is nice and big, with plenty of space for dogs to romp and play. Large and small dogs have separate areas, and here is a double gate to keep dogs from escaping accidentally.  There are water fountains for both dogs and humans, a dog washing area, and convenient waste stations. Trees give shade and make the benches quite comfortable.

7. Millie Bush Dog Park, 16101 Westheimer Parkway.  Dogs and owners from Houston homes love this spacious dog park.  Large and small dogs have their own areas. Both have ponds for swimming and water fountains.  There are three dog showers for rinsing off before getting in the car. Benches are scattered throughout.  Covers shade visitors from the Houston sun. A trail winds through the park, perfect for a walk while the dogs play.  

You can find more dog parks on the Houston city website.  You and your dog will enjoy exploring them all and deciding on a few favorites.